Meet Zana
Summer 2021
Meet Zana
Meet Zana, a childcare educator and mum based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
Published 12 January


When Zana isn’t working or looking after her little ones, she is also a digital creator, where she showcases her passion for fashion.

The start of a new year brings with it a new world of fashion possibilities. As one of the local faces featured in our Our Style, Our Way fashion campaign, we caught up with Zana to find out more about her personal sense of style, why she loves living near Werribee, as well as her top fashion tips for dressing during the warmer seasons.

Read on to discover Zana’s take on our community, our style and everything she loves about our local fashion scene.


Describe your personal style.

“I would describe my personal style as versatile. I like to dress in clothing that’s easy to go from day to night and elevate it with my accessory choices.”


Tell us what you love most about shopping for fashion at Pacific Werribee?

“I love how you can find everything under one roof and can create a whole look including the clothes, accessories and shoes.”


What do you love about living near Werribee?

“I love how family friendly the area is. There are so many activity options for the kids, and it holds a special place to my heart as it’s near where I grew up.”


What are your go-to shops and restaurants in Pacific Werribee?

“My go-to fashion retailers include H&M for affordable trends and Seed and Myer for something a little elegant. I love stopping by Soul Origin for a quick meal on the go.”


What are your top style tips for fashion in 2022?

“Pops of colour is a must have for this season. Dress comfortably for the warmer days ahead and pair the colours with a pair of shorts or a skirt. Don’t forget the accessories!”


How would you describe the local look in Werribee?

“The look of Werribee is versatile. It’s so nice to see everyone’s own personal style on display.”


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